About Us

Welcome to our­­­­­­­­­ shop, Wild Rain Gallery.

          Wild Rain features artwork and jewelry created in our creekside studio and home in a small town on Tillamook Bay at the foot of the Oregon Coast Range, a cup of coffee away from some of the Northwest's most beautiful ocean beaches.  Moisture from the north Pacific drifts through the forested peaks that surround us.  All of this inspires our lives and our work directly.  Ten years of retail in our previous gallery have honed our interests and our skills and we now are offering our creations to a wider world. 

          Seward paints, shapes and assembles, often using salvaged materials.  His themes are often old roads, the moon and the sea, whether realistic or abstract.  A feature of most of his painted works is the surface texturing, which along with skills picked up as a longtime watercolorist, enable him to capture atmospherics and depths of field in unique ways.  The most surprising means he uses for texturing wooden panels is by sketching the surface with the tip of a chainsaw. Panels or canvasses are also prepared with various applications of papers, textiles or found organics.  His whimsical twisted-wire wrens and crows are popular.

          Christy concentrates on jewelry. Her necklaces, bracelets and earrings feature gems, stones, and glass from around the world and her own unique sense of whimsy, color and design.  Seward sometimes makes jewelry as well, often with repurposed materials to fashion one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets.  The quality of our handmade jewelry is high, the designs pleasing and eye-catching.  When you’re wearing one or more, plan to sometimes be the center of attention!

          We have had the pleasure of working with other jewelry maker Diane for more than a decade at Wild Rain Gallery. She is a master colorist weaving stones, gems and metals from all over the world into many delighted pieces.

          While our home has views that keep us inspired, we are also rebuilding a vintage Toyota motorhome with a huge rear window to be our mobile studio when backed up to any of the scenic waysides overlooking our incredible Oregon coastline.