We've been making art for decades in different places and different situations, with differing ebbing and flowing personal and artistic tides.  In moving suddenly from a large gallery and work space to a much smaller home in dire need of rehabilitation, time and organization have been in short supply of late.  Even when a bit of time is available to make art lately, we often can't find the materials we're looking for.  They're here somewhere. 
          A few days ago I did bump into a stash of old paintings on wood panels that I did quite some time ago. I found parts of them reasonably  pleasing.  But I have changed and if they had satisfied me then, they didn't now. With most endeavors I prefer not working with new materials but beginning with something that remains, something already begun or abandoned, by myself at one time, by someone else- especially by nature and time- an old canvas with stains or tears, a garden with an old pond, a wooden panel with an intriguing defect, a rusted or scratched surface.
          Those old paintings, mellowed for a while like me, were just fine for a new effort.  My vision has changed, requiring glasses, and internally, too, I've acquired new lenses.  I've come to realize (or accept) that good satisfying work is about the process as much as the original idea.  So after unearthing the old paintings and my old brushes and odd found tools for scraping and scratching pigment, I spent a few days beavering away on them on a temporary work table.  I'm happy with them.  They're framed and on this site, hopefully soon to please someone else. 

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